Our Vehicles, Machinery & Tools

In order to complete a high quality block paving installation while providing as little disruption as possible to your daily life, we need to use the best vehicles, machinery & tools available to us, which are shown on this page.

We are fully equipped to handle all installations, large or small

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4.0 ton Hitachi Mini Digger:

When excavating a ground area we need a nimble mini digger that can fit through small areas that is strong enough to dig as deep into the ground as we need to so the installation has a solid sub-base.
 To do this we use our 4.0 ton Hitachi mini-digger, this piece of machinery can fit through 1.5 metre gaps meaning we can dig out tight areas without having to spend unnecessary hours hand digging.

3 × JCB 3CX Diggers

If we need something bigger and with more power we turn to one of our three JCB 3CX diggers, these machines can break through thick surfaces and can carry large packs of blocks and tools/machinery with ease.

18 Ton Iveco Lorry

In order to get the excavation process done as quickly as possible we need a lorry that can take away and tip a large amount of materials, for this we use an 18 ton Iveco Lorry which can carry a load of up to 10 tonnes as well as our MAC 5.5 Ton MAC Drawbar Machinery Carrier Trailer.

18 Ton Iveco Lorry

We have 2 HGV trained lorry drivers on site when excavating ground materials which means we can speed up the process by loading up two lorries to take excavated materials away. The second lorry we have on site is another 18 ton Iveco Lorry which can also carry a load of up to 10 tonnes.

7.5 ton Mitsubishi Canter

Sometimes we need a smaller tipper lorry when need to load materials from a smaller space, for that we use the 3 rd lorry available to us which is the Mitsubishi Canter which can carry a load of up to 3 tonnes. This is also a low loader lorry so we can also use skips on site if we need to.

7.5 ton Iveco Tipper Lorry

The 4th lorry we have available to us if needed is our 7.5 ton Iveco Tipper lorry with a load on/load off loader which can carry a load of 4 tonnes.
 This lorry is used to deliver and tip materials and is also used as a backup lorry in case there is a breakdown to one of our 2 main lorries on site. It can also be used a transport skips if necessary.

Selection Of Mini Diggers

Part of our service involves us being able to dig out in tight spaces and for that we need different sized machines. As well as the 4.0 ton Hitachi Mini Digger we generally use on site, we also have a 3.0t Hitachi Mini Digger, a Yanmar 2.0t Mini Digger which is slightly smaller and 3 0.875t JCB mini diggers available to use which can fit through small spaces and save time upon excavation through less unnecessary hand digging.

MAC 5.5 Ton MAC Drawbar Trailer

In order to get machinery such as our 4.0 ton Hitachi mini digger to and from Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire & Northamptonshire we use an incredibly strong & durable MAC 5.5 Ton MAC Drawbar Trailer. This ensures safe journey of machinery from job to job and is hitched onto the back on our 18 ton Iveco lorry, meaning less time getting machinery to and from the job.

2018 10t Red Rhino 7000 Series Crusher (With Track Mounted Jaw)

In order to create the hardcore base for our installations we find the best method of doing this is in-house. We only used hardcore crushed from our own 10t Red Rhino 7000 Series crusher. This spectacular piece of machinery is capable of crushing 45 tons of good quality crushed concrete per hour with care.


Terex S3000 Dumper

If we need a piece of machinery to transport large quantities of materials such as sand or hardcore on site then we use our Terex S3000 dumper. This dumper can transport up to 1 ton of materials at a nimble max speed of 15mph.

Euson 1001 Dumper

If we need a dumper to go through smaller areas to transport materials such as sand or hardcore then we use our Euson 1001 dumper, this piece of machinery can fit through gaps 1.2 metres wide and has a 1.56m dumping height.

Ford Transit T350 Crew Cab Tipper

Our blocking team will always arrive in a Ford Transit T350 Crew Cab Tipper; this vehicle provides seating for all of our blocking team and can carry roughly 2.5 tons of materials and equipment if necessary.

Ford Transit 3.5t Tipper

If the blocking team need to transport extra men or tools/equipment to the site then we use our Ford Transit 3.5t tipper. This can transport up to 3 people and can carry a load of approximately 2 tons.

Volkswagen Caddy Van

Our site foreman Paul uses this vehicle to get to and from site. This van allows storage and transport of necessary tools and equipment that wouldn’t be transported on the lorries/trailer such drainage rods, levels etc.

2006 Caterpillar GP20CN 2000kg Fork Lift Truck

If we need something to lift & transport packs of blocks on site then we use our 2006 Caterpillar GP20CN 2000kg Fork Lift Truck. This Fork Lift can fit through gaps of just over a metre and can lift up to 2 tons of weight to a height of 4.75 metres.

1 Vibrating Roller & 
Single Drum Vibrating Roller × 2

To make sure that that the hardcore we spread is flat and compact we use one of our sit down vibrating rollers or one of two single drum rollers on site, depending on the size of the area being flattened.


This is the breaker we use to break thick surfaces which the 4.0 ton Hitachi mini digger cannot get to. This piece of machinery focuses on a smaller surface area meaning we can break it much quicker and easier is necessary.

Whacker × 2

This is the whacker we use to flatten areas of sand and the blocks to make sure they are level & interlocked so there is no block movement.

Block Barrow (Transport Cart) × 2

This is the tool we use for moving large, heavy tiers of blocks to the block layers. It can transport 1 tier of blocks at a time, and saves us transporting them by hand which is much safer and quicker.

Block Cutter/Splitter × 2

This is the tool we use for neatly cutting through blocks and is necessary for when we need to fill in gaps in the block paving, generally where the main laying area meets the outside border.