Our Product Range

Driveways & Paving To Suit Any Requirements!

We offer an extensive product & colour range as shown below as well as many laying patterns ranging from Herringbone to Stretcher Bond. We also consider borders, edges, steps, pathway curves and features to suit your property and will conceal drain covers and merge block paving into your existing levels.

Cambridgeshire Driveways will also solve any existing drainage and surface water problems as part of your installation.

To make those finishing touches we have a choice of edging, kerbing, drainage systems and recessed manhole covers.


Our standard block paving can create a huge range of driveway designs to suite any property. Standard driveway blocks are available in a large range of colours that can be used solely or mixed to create a unique pattern on each driveway.

  • Burnt Ochre
  • Brindle
  • Standard Block Paving
  • Bracken
  • Buff


Savanna Block Paving is a fantastic choice for any property which offers great value as well as hard wearing quality. A driveway with Savanna blocks will have a smooth appearance which is perfect for paths, patios or edgings. This style of block is also available in a number of colours meaning it can be tailored to any property while the smooth surface ensures a crisp, clean looking driveway.

  • Savanna Block Paving
    Drivesett Savanna Traditional
  • Drivesett Savanna Pennant Grey
  • Drivesett Savanna Autumn


Tegular block paving is tumbled to create an aged, antique appearance that is perfect for adding character to any property. This style of driveway is fantastic for both modern and vintage properties and is renowned for its long lasting, quality appearance. Tegular blocks are available in a variety of colours to create an individual look.

  • Drivesett Tegula Traditional
  • Tegula Block Paving
    Drivesett Tegula Pennant Grey
  • Drivesett Tegula Harvest
  • Drivesett Tegula Autumn