Newborough, Peterborough Driveway Project

Project Information

This project in Newborough, Peterborough was completed on the 6th November 2017 and took us approximately 2 days to excavate and 2½ days to block pave. The total size of this project was 110m2, 100m2 of which was driveway and the other 10m2 was a rear footpath.


The Customers Needs

The customers wanted to replace their existing cracked tarmac & slabbed driveway and replace it with something more modern and suiting of the property. To achieve this we laid the driveway & rear pathway in Savanna autumn blockwork laid in a random stretcher bond design with a red single border, leaving a partial gravel area in for the shrubbery which the customers wanted to keep.


The Rear Footpath

As part of the project the customer wanted to do something with the slabbed pathway at the rear of the house, as it was joined to the driveway it made sense to block this area too. The customer was so pleased with the result he requested we block an extended 5m2 to his pathway in the same Savanna autumn blockwork with a red border.


Improving Access To Front Door

We also improved the front access to the house by matching it with the Savanna autumn & red blocks in the driveway, what was before a tricky route to one of 2 front doors is now a doddle.


The Finished Product

The result is a fantastic looking block paved driveway with a front and rear footpath, all of which is guaranteed for 10 years.