Private Roadway & Double Gravel Driveway Project in Maxey, Lincolnshire

Project Information

This project in Maxey, Lincolnshire involved us block paving a 238m2 private roadway, installing a 50m2 tarmac entrance & two 100m2 gravel driveways. It was completed on the 22nd February 2019 and took us approximately 7 days to complete overall

The Customers Needs

The customers wanted to replace the existing private roadway with a tidier block paving product which would also be easier for them to drive and walk on, they also needed a contractor to provide them with a 50m2 tarmacked entrance to the private roadway from the public roadway, with suitable drainage.

The 2 houses in the development also wanted to gravel their hardcore driveways to give them improved parking for their cars as well as separation from the block paved roadway, they both felt that a gravel product fit the style of the houses.

Roadway Block Design & Colour

We block paved the private roadway in Tegula traditional block paving which comes in small, medium & large sizes and is laid in a random stretcher bond design. The customers chose this block as they felt the rustic effect of the Tegula traditional block tied in with the property’s design.

We also used 80mm blocks which are slightly thicker than standard 50/60mm blocks so that the private roadway could hold the weight and force of multiple cars & HGV’s going over it each day.

Gravel Driveway Near You

1st Gravel Driveway

The end house on the development wanted to give themselves better parking on their property as well as separation from the block paved roadway, so we excavated the area, filled it with a study hardcore base and spread gravel across the 100m2 area with a Tegula Traditional border merging into the block paved roadway. The customers chose gravel as they wanted an alternative, easy to maintain driveway surface.

2nd Gravel Driveway

The middle house also wanted to use a gravel product to give them better parking at the front of their property, they also felt the gravel style fit the rustic design of the property. As with the 1st driveway, we excavated the area and filled it with a hardcore base and then spread gravel to cover the 100m2 area while using a Tegula Traditional border to tie it in with the roadway.

Tarmacking The Entrance

As part of the project, we provided the customers with a 50m2 tarmacked entrance to the block paved private roadway which would provide a smooth area for cars to drive from the road to the private roadway and vice versa. To do this we installed a flattened hardcore base, installed edgings on both sides of the area, installed 5 metres of heavy duty aco channels at the front of the entrance and then laid the tarmac area to link in with the block paved roadway.

The Finished Product

The finished product is a much better looking and much more useable private roadway with a smooth link to the public roadway, not just that but the houses in the development now have their own separate gravel driveways which are much more practical and tidier. All this while being backed up by our 10-year guarantee which will last until February 2029.