Property Development Driveway, Patio & Pathway Project, Hall Lane, Werrington

Project Information

This project in Hall Lane, Werrington was completed in June 2017. The property developer wanted a modern looking driveway to go with the image they had of the house combined with ample parking space and easy access to the house & the garden area.

Modern image & Colour

To keep to the modern image of the property we laid the driveway & pathway in a 90 degree herringbone design, using ochre as the main colour and charcoal as the single border colour. We combined this with gravel alongside the path to give it a tidy look, minimal maintenance, and provide an area for water to run into. We also laid a patio (not shown) in pennant grey block paving.

Co-operating with other contractors

As part of this development we worked in conjunction with other contractors on the site to ensure the development was done right. To do this we started off before the other contractors arrived by digging the driveway and patio to the required depth and filling & rolling the area with crushed concrete enabling good access for the other contractors. A few weeks later when the other contractors were done we came back to block pave the area.

Installing A Triple Step

The house was on a very steep slope from the public pathway, so we created a triple step in the same colours as the driveway which joined with the pathway to create easy access through the bushes and to the front door.

Due to the slope going from the property to the road aco channels were included at the front of the property so water doesn’t run into the road and the gravel also acts as drainage for the front of the house.
As you can see the finished product looks fantastic and is guaranteed until June 2027.