Driveway Project In Maxey, Peterborough

Project Information

This project in Maxey, Peterborough was completed on the 13th January 2018, and took us us 2 days to excavate and 3 days to block pave. The total size of this project was 133m2, which included a front driveway and pathway going through to the door, all block paved in a 90 design herringbone design, using an ochre/bracken mix as the main colour with an ochre single border.

The Customers Needs

The customers wanted to replace the existing gravel and old block paved driveway and create an all in one block paving installation that improved access to and from the property as well as the general look of the front of the property.

Keeping The Shrubbery Within The Block Paving

The customers wanted to keep the existing shrubbery areas to go with the block paving, so we block paved around the area and put an ochre border around it to blend it in with the driveway

Pathway Paved From The Driveway To The Front Door

The customer wanted a pathway effect going from the driveway to the front door. To do this we laid the driveway in a 90 degree herringbone design and the pathway in the same colour using a stretcher bond design, going from the same border either side.

The Finished Product

The result is an all in one driveway & pathway installation which gives the customers easier access to and from the property while also giving the front of the house an improved look.

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