Driveway Project In Holbeach St Johns, Spalding

Project Information

This project in Holbeach St Johns, Spalding was completed on the 19th January 2018 and took us 7 from start to completion. It involved us excavating and block paving a large in and out driveway.

The Customers Needs

The customers wanted to replace the existing gravel and muck surface to create an in and out driveway to improve access to and from the property as well as create a better looking driveway area at the front of the property for multiple car parking.

Tidying Up The Landscaping

Part of the excavation and block paving process involved us tidying up the general area where the block paving was circling. We replaced parts of the untidy grass areas with topsoil so the customers could grow plants etc there. As you can see from the before & after once block paved the overall front of the property looks much neater.

Suitable Block Paving Product For Style Of Property

To block pave the area we used ochre as the main colour and charcoal as the border colour, the customers thought it was the right colour to blend in with their property. The blocks were laid in a 90 degree herringbone design throughout within a treble border as it was an expansive area of paving.

The Finished Product

The result is an all in one in and out driveway installation which gives the customers easier access to and from the property while also making the large front area look much tidier.

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