Driveway & Patio Project In Market Deeping, Lincolnshire

Project Information & The Customer Needs

This 160m2 driveway & patio installation was completed on the 10th December 2018 and took us approximately 5 days to complete.
The customers wanted to replace the existing gravel driveway & shrubbery around it with a driveway surface that was tidier and easier to drive on, they also felt that block paving would create a better-looking front to their property while still being able to keep a few areas for plants and shrubbery.

Creating More Space On Driveway & Leaving Space For Plants

To give the customers much more space on the driveway and to tidy up the front of the property we cut away the shrubbery on the right and left hand side and in its place left the customer with 3 areas of topsoil which plants or shrubbery could be grown.

Block Colour & Design

The customers wanted a block paving product that was slightly different from conventional block paving. To achieve this we block paved this project in Savanna autumn, which comes in 3 different sizes and is laid in a random stretcher bond design, with a matching border in a large Savanna autumn block. We also installed 6 recessed manholes and merged them into the installation nicely.

The Rear Patio Area

As part of the project the customers wanted to improve the previously concrete rear patio, this involved us continuing the block paving through the back gate and into the rear patio area in the same Savanna autumn colour with a matching border.

The Finished Product

The result is a fantastic looking driveway & patio installation which has given the customers a better surface for parking and much more space on the driveway while providing them very less maintenance.
All the work you see here is guaranteed for 10 years until December 2028.