Driveway Installation in Baston, Lincolnshire

Project Information

This 160m2 project in Baston, Lincolnshire involved us block paving a large driveway, it was completed on the 17th April 2019 and took us approximately 5 days to complete.

The Customers Needs

The customers had just moved into the house and wanted to replace the gravel driveway and the garden area with a better looking all in one block paved area to make more room to park their cars. They also wanted us to remove the large bushes and the shrubbery surrounding the driveway & house to create that space, while also leaving themselves with minimal maintenance at the front of the house.

Removing The Bushes/Shrubbery

The first stage of this installation involved us removing the large bush on the left-hand side of the driveway using our 4.0 Hitachi mini digger, and then the shrubbery surrounding the right hand side of the driveway which we carted away on the back of our two 18 ton Iveco lorries. This then gave us the necessary space to excavate the gravel driveway and the garden area ready for our blocking team.

Block Design/Colour

We then block paved the area in a 90 degree herringbone design throughout, using ochre as the main colour with a matching border round the whole driveway, while also installing one recessed manhole.
As this house was part of a shared area of gravel we also made sure to keep the block paving level with the shared gravel area to allow for a smooth transition from the shared entrance to the driveway.

Creating 2 Flower Bed Areas

As part of the project the customer wanted to create two areas for flower beds on the right & left hand side of the driveway to create an aesthetically pleasing boundary to the houses on the both sides. These areas which were previously overrun by shrubbery can now be used for various flowers while still allowing the space the customers wanted for parking.

The Finished Product

The finished product is a much more spacious, better looking all in one driveway and entrance which has given the customers much more room to park cars and much less garden maintenance. As with all our work, this project is also backed up by our 10-year guarantee which will last until April 2029.