Double Driveway Project In Langtoft, Peterborough

Project Information

This double driveway project in Langtoft, Peterborough was completed on the 20th January 2018. The two driveways measured up to a combined 110m2 and were completed within 3 days.

The Customers Needs

The customers wanted to replace the old concrete, part block and part gravel driveway and replace it with an all in one better looking block paved driveway which would also provide them improved drainage to stop the existing puddling problem they had.

Sorting Out Drainage Issues

The customers had previously had some puddling issues in their existing driveway; to rectify this we installed 2 gulleys in the middle of the driveway and created a slight fall from both driveways so that any surface water within the area would be redirected into the gulleys.

Block Design/Colour & Creating A Boundary

We block paved both driveways in a 90 degree herringbone design, using ochre as the main colour and charcoal as the border colour. The customers thought it was best to do both driveways in the same colour as it gave the combined driveway a larger feel, and to create a boundary between both the driveways we used a single charcoal block roughly every metre.

The Finished Product

The result is a great looking block paved double driveway installation which has also solved previous drainage issues the customers were having.
All the work you see here guaranteed for 10 years until January 2028