Block Paving Driveway Project In Market Deeping, Lincolnshire

Project Information

This 235m2 driveway project in Market Deeping, Lincolnshire was completed on the 16th April 2018 and took us 5 days to excavate & block pave.

The Customers Needs

The customers wanted to replace the existing gravel, concrete & tarmac surface with an all in one block paving surface which was more suiting of the modern image of the property.

Block Colour & Design

To give the customer a driveway that had a modern look we block paved the area in Savanna pennant grey with a charcoal border. Savanna blocks come in 3 different sizes to give a different look than a traditional 45 or 90 degree herringbone design. We also installed 4 recessed manholes which merge nicely into the block paving.

Replacing The Large Front Step

The customers wanted the front door step to match the block paving which curved around the front of the door, to do this we created a radial step in the same colour as the driveway, going from the edge of the brickwork from both sides of the door for symmetry.

Providing Sufficient Drainage

To give the customer sufficient surface water drainage we installed a gulley in the middle of the driveway and aco channels along the entrance to the driveway. This allowed water to flow into the 2 soakaways we installed which would allow surface water to percolate back into the earth close to where it falls.

The Finished Product

The result is a driveway installation which is now more fitting of the modern image of the property and has drainage installed which can handle surface water in heavy rain.
All the work you see here is guaranteed for 10 years until April 2028.