Patio & Swimming Pool Block Paving Project In Deeping St James, Lincolnshire

Project Information

This 154m2 block paving project in Deeping St James, Lincolnshire was completed on the 23rd July 2018 and took us approximately 5 days to complete.

The Customers Needs

The customers wanted to replace the old slabs around their swimming pool area and widen into the shrubbery/garden area and then extend the block paving into the patio area which was previously grass and soil. The result is a better looking block paved rear to the house which is tidier, easier to walk on and provides them with improved access to the swimming pool.

Pool Entrance & Patio Area

We block paved the pool entrance & patio area in Savanna autumn block paving which comes in 3 different sizes and is laid in a random stretcher bond design, we also used charcoal as the single border colour. We also replaced the manhole next to the septic tank so the customers now have a lovely entrance to the swimming pool area and a place to sit in the back garden.

Swimming Pool Area

To give the customer a great looking area surrounding the swimming pool we used the same Savanna autumn & charcoal block paving and we also slabbed a 20m2 area by the side of the pool for a shed to be put on at a later date. We also relocated the lamp in a better position while also preserving the cables underneath, and made sure a cable was available for the shed which would go next to the pool.

The Finished Product

The result is a block paving installation which has transformed the patio & swimming pool area into something more eye catching, safer to walk on and provides better access within the rear of the property.

All the work you see here is guaranteed for 10 years until June 2028.