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Why Choose Block Paving?

Looking to upgrade your driveway but not sure which material is best? In this blog, we’re identifying reasons that block paving can be a better option compared to four other popular driveway surfaces: gravel, resin, tarmac, and concrete slabs. If you’re thinking of taking the leap and thinking you should choose block paving for your driveway, we hope this professional advice will help you make a final decision.

So, Why Should You Choose Block Paving?

Considered more modern and visually appealing

Generally considered more visually appealing and modern looking compared to gravel, block paving is also a lot tidier. It can even increase the value of the property more than other surfaces, making it the perfect choice if you’re looking to sell-up in the future.

More versatile

Block paving has more design and colour options than resin, tarmac or concrete slabs, giving you more customisation when it comes to how you want the front or rear of the property to look.

Easier and higher quality remedial work

Remedial work is much easier as individual blocks can be easily lifted if chipped or stained. In other words, there is no ‘patch job effect’.

In a block paved installation all existing materials are removed and renewed as opposed to resin which is overlaid over the existing surface which could be less than adequate as the sub-base plays a big part in the quality of the installation. On top of that, block paving doesn’t crack over time as it isn’t one large surface area.

Suitable for heavier vehicles

Interlocking designs allow for a more even dispersion of weight meaning heavier vehicles can be parked and driven on a block paving driveway.

Long-lasting, high quality finish

It’s a traditional driveway surface that’s been trusted by professionals in the trade for it’s long lifespan and high quality finish.

Unaffected by frost

Unlike other surfaces, block paving is unaffected by frost meaning it can be laid in almost all conditions and will require less maintenance. In fact, block paving can be laid in temperatures as low as 0 degrees, whereas resin surfaces cannot be installed in temperatures of 5 degrees or less.

Block paving also provides a better platform for surface water runoff due to gaps between blocks, whereas water runoff with surfaces like tarmac can be unpredictable.

Suitable for disabled access

The smooth and even surface makes block paving one of the better choices for disabled access.

In conclusion, block paving is a more modern, versatile and hard wearing driveway surface than resin, concrete or gravel making it a popular choice for many home and commercial property owners.

Interested in investing in a new block paving driveway? For a free, no-obligation quote, you can call Cambridgeshire Driveways on 01733 810063 or visit our contact page to fill out an enquiry form.

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