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How We Transform Driveways In Cambridgeshire

Is your driveway looking a bit past its best? Looking to sell but your driveway is bringing down the look of your property? Whatever the reason you’re thinking about getting a new driveway in Cambridgeshire, we’re going to show you exactly how we can transform your drive into a smart space that you can be proud of.

As specialist block paving contractors, we can replace a subpar driveway with our wide range of paving styles and patterns. You decide the borders, colours and patterns, we bring your vision to life.

To create some of the finest driveways in Cambridgeshire, we use these top 3 tricks:

Getting your pattern right

Once we’ve laid a sturdy foundation, our team can set to work on laying the blocks to your exact specifications. We listen carefully to our client’s requirements and work with you in the initial design phase to ensure you’re 100% happy with the formation and patterning of the blocks.

Blending manhole covers

Our skilled tradesmen can even work around manholes and gullies by blending them in with the blocks so they aren’t noticeable within the paving. This ensures a seamless finish every time.

Kiln-dried sand finish

After ensuring each and every block is level and perfectly interlocked, we brush kiln dried sand between the blocks. This prevents the blocks from moving and gives the paving a flawless appearance.

These are just some of the ways we have been helping homeowners transform their driveways. We also supply gravel driveways with a range of finishes for those who would prefer an alternative to block paving.

Looking for local driveway contractors in Cambridgeshire to create a smart block paving driveway? Cambridgeshire Driveways are a trusted contractor who are dedicated to providing an efficient service with great attention to detail. Contact us today to arrange your free site visit.

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