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Do You Need Planning Permission For Block Paving Driveway?

If you’re thinking about investing in a block paving driveway, you may be wondering if you need planning permission for it. We’re here to answer your questions in this helpful guide.

Most homeowners looking to renovate or improve their home want to do everything by the book. Knowing what requires planning permission and what doesn’t is important to prevent you getting into trouble with the local planning authority and potentially having to undo costly or time-consuming building projects.

So, do you need planning permission for a block paving driveway?

There are some instances where you need planning permission for a block paving driveway:

  • If your paving is not made of permeable materials, this means they do not meet the regulations under the government’s SuDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage) legislation. Clay blocks tend to be less porous than concrete.
  • However, if you can prove that water from your impermeable blocks can run into a suitable drainage area, such as a lawn or guttering system, then you WON’T need planning permission.
  • Choosing Impermeable paving with no suitable drainage area means you’ll need planning permission if the area of paving exceeds more than 5m².
  • Obviously the paving will need to be laid within the boundaries of your property. If you’re looking to extend your driveway outside of your allocated grounds then you will need planning permission to do so.


If you’re looking to pave your driveway with block paving, you’ll be more likely to need planning permission to do it. BUT, if you make sure the blocks are permeable and allow sufficient drainage, then you won’t require planning permission.

Block paving in Cambridge

When laid properly, block paving can offer a smart and flawless result. Property owners tend to choose block paving for its durability and attractive aesthetics. With a variety of patterns, colours and finishes to choose from, a block paving driveway can be tailored to suit your preferences.

If you’re looking for block paving in Peterborough to complete your ambitious renovation projects, Cambridgeshire Driveways are on hand to help.

Give our skilled and knowledgeable team a call today to arrange a free site visit. If you want to skip the hassle of securing planning permission we can make sure your block paving complies with the SuDS regulations.

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