Our Installation Process

On this page we will show you the process of how we excavate and lay our block paving installations from start to finish on a day to day basis.

Site Survey

Before we start any work we always make sure to do a site survey so we and the customer are in agreement with the works that are required. This is also where any questions & queries about the upcoming installation can be answered.

Before Driveway Paving
Evacuation Process

Excavation Process

The agreed area is then carefully excavated to around 300-350mm (or as close to this depth depending on ground conditions) using our 4.0 ton Hitachi mini digger. The excavated materials are taken away by our two 18 ton Iveco Lorries, having two lorries on site means we can transport excavated materials away quickly and efficiently.

Spreading Of Hardcore Base

Once the area is fully excavated we tip and spread approximately 200-250mm (depending on the depth) of our own crushed hardcore which provides a sturdy sub-base for the installation.

Spreading of Hardcore Case
Rolling Hardcore Area

Rolling Hardcored Area

The hardcored area is then compacted by our 1.0 ton roller ready for the blocking team to start. This way the car(s) are safe to park off the street while we are in the changeover process, meaning minimal disruption to daily life.

Levelling & Screeding

50mm of sharp sand is tipped onto the compacted hardcore which is then spread and levelled evenly. The levelled sharp sand is then screeded to create a flat base for the blocks to be laid onto. It is here where we establish the falls on the driveway which determines correct surface water runoff and efficient drainage.

Leveling and Screeding
Laying block paving

Laying Main Area

The main colour is then laid to the agreed pattern by our experienced & highly trained block layers, following the levels used.

Border & Filling Gaps

The agreed colour & style of border is then laid, and any remaining gaps are filled in by cutting remaining blocks using the block cutter and /or disc cutter.

Block paving border

Drainage & Haunching (If Necessary)

If there are any manholes or gullys etc on the installation we will blend them in with the blocks so it isn’t noticeable within the paving.

If the blocks are laid against a surface which cannot hold the blocks we haunch the blocks into concrete to support the blocks and prevent movement.

Whackering & Kiln Dry Sand Finish

We finish off the installation by whackering the blocks to make sure they are level and interlocked and then brush kiln dry sand between the blocks to prevent block movement and to give it a complete finish.

Finished Blocked Driveway

Finished Product

After tidying you see the finished product which is ready to use.