Block Paved Pathways

Pathways lead you, your family, friends and visitors to your door and other parts of your property. Not only do you want an aesthetic pathway to blend in naturally with your setting, you want it to be functional and not require constant maintenance.

Add value to your Cambridgeshire property whilst also tackling issues such as uneven paths. Cutting out tripping hazards at your property will not only benefit your family, but make you feel safer in your home.

Our block paved pathways are designed to bring out the best in your property, changing perceptions and increase value. Our pathways are created bespoke to fit the area in your property to get the most of your space available.

Made only with the highest quality of material, such as savanna and tegula, we can ensure your property is transformed.

It’s not about the destination, but the journey, so ensure the journey around your property is the envy of your neighbours.

Why choose Cambridgeshire Driveways?

Cambridgeshire Driveways have been unrivaled experts in the block paving industry, enhancing and developing property pathways since 1990. We can guarantee that our bespoke service will transform the quality of your home in a timely manner.

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How does Cambridgeshire Driveways transform my pathway?

We only use the best machinery when completing projects as quality is important to us. With our high level of experience and skill, we ensure that our installations will always bring value and quality to your patio area.

Similarly, we ensure your project is completed on time as agreed and to your satisfaction.

Cambridgeshire Driveways provide quality Block Paved Pathways

Does your property need a new pathway, or do you currently have a pathway that is in need of maintenance or revamping? Our block paved pathway service could be the answer for you.

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Block Paving

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Attention to detail, quality of work and commitment to getting the job done to a very high standard were outstanding and evident at every stage of the process. It was an absolute pleasure having a fantastic piece of work done by such an excellent team. Thank you so much.

Very Pleased

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We are very pleased with the finished result and have has passers-by comment on the good job your company has done.

Driveway Extension

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Watched work being carried out - would recommend.